A warm welcome to the Merziger Brewery

Indoor seating for 400 guests (restaurant) . Outdoor seating for 500 guests (beer garden), looking out on Merzig's marina


Inside or out, the Merziger Brauhaus thrives on its cosy atmosphere, beautiful location directly at Merzig's marina, and of course its unique, home-brewed beer.

A cool wheat beer after hours, a refreshing light beer for lunch. Ever since our brewery opened in the year 2000, our restaurant with its generously sized and "gemütliche" beer garden has been drawing guests from near and far. Our home-brewed beer and tasty Saarland-French cuisine are famous and popular far beyond the boundaries of Merzig.

A stylish and extraordinary ambience will provide a very special setting for all manner of celebration and festivity, from your very own, personal do through to office parties with up to 400 people...



This is where we brew the beer!

Beer barrels and siphons available to buy . Free guided tour of the brewery (for 10-25 guests, book in advance) . Beer seminars.


Hops, malt, yeast and water: for almost 500 years now, German beer has been brewed from these four ingredients and nothing else, in accordance with the Purity Law..

Our contract malt house prepares a very well-dissolved malt from selected malting barley. This is achieved by the controlled germination of the grains and their subsequent drying. We use five different types of malt. Apart from four differently coloured barley malts they also include a wheat malt for our wheat bear, brewed all year round.


The malts are mixed in keeping with the respective beer style and then ground into a coarse meal using a small malt-mill. In the next stage, this meal is mixed with warm water in the left-hand vessel of the brewer's copper, creating the so-called "mash". In the mashing process, the provided starch is converted to malt sugar by enzymes.


After this conversion into sugar, the mash is pumped into the right hand copper vessel, the so-called "lauter tun". This is where the malt sugar solution is separated from the solids by way of a strainer. What remains are the so-called "spent grains", which are used as cattle fodder.


The filtered malt sugar solution is then boiled with the hops for another 60 minutes or so. This helps to dissolve the bitter compounds contained in the hops, providing the final beer with a finely calibrated bitterness. Brewers refer to the fully cooked malt sugar solution as the "original wort". Depending on the beer style, this original wort can range from 12% with light or dark beer to 18% with "double bock".


The original wort is next cooled down and mixed with yeast in one of the fermentation tanks at 10-13°C. The yeast now turns the sugar into alcohol and CO2. The fermentation and subsequent storage at 2-4°C will take approximately 4 weeks. During this time, the beer matures into its final taste. Bock beers can take up to eight weeks.


After this the finished beer is transferred to one of the "bar tanks" unfiltered. From here it will directly reach the individual taps where our trained bartenders draw your beer into a glass.


To your health!


Your master brewer Peter Pagel

Open daily from 12 p.m.

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